San Antonio Athletic FC was founded by former professional soccer players with the goal of creating a one-of-a-kind and specialized soccer experience that focuses on a true player-centered environment in order to properly develop, provide the best professional training from former pros, build life skills, and provide opportunities both on and off the field for all of our players.

We are committed to developing players with a strong moral compass, to instilling good character, respect, discipline, accountability, leadership, and a commitment to education.



Our mission is to share a love for soccer by demonstrating excellence and to provide the best experience for each of our families and players as we promote education, awareness of health and well-being, professional training, athletic progression, and leadership growth for every child so they may maximize their greatest potential on and off the field.

We strive to create an experience where all of our kids can learn from former professional soccer players who have played at the highest levels of competition all over the world. Our coaches each share their unique soccer experiences while also promoting the ideas of ongoing development, continuous learning, and the importance of education for all of our youth.

Our goal is to develop, measure and ensure long-term success for every player both on and off the field. More importantly, the knowledge and continuous practice of core values are crucial for every player to develop so they may benefit and maximize their character development for the future.

The core values that we focus on developing for all SA Athletic FC members and players include: